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Our purpose is to deliver on time intriguing, design event furniture in the best quality.

In our offer You can find both universal furniture such as sofas and ottoman seats, as well as wide range of chairs and decorations.

As the only company on the polish market we can offer Ecological Event Fireplaces, unique DOME tents and mobile units and containers. Soon more details and start of commercial projects.

Managing Director
Mikołaj Antoniak

we make more than


We work 24 hours 7 days a week.

We provide personalized logistics.

We provide professional montage team, which will place the furniture according to your indications and dismantle it after the event.


We do individual approach to every client in purpose to assist in the selection of the best solution within the available budget.

For partners and constant customers we offer attractive discounts with every order. We are always opened to new challenges so we heartily invite to cooperation.

Wide Stock

As the only one we have in the offer Ecological Event Fireplaces - Planica FIRES.

We also dispose unique DOME tents and special mobile units such as Citroen HX.

We can boast of having a wide range of exhibition containers. Do not hesitate to contact us.


We offer a wide range of branding opportunity to give every event its individuality.

Ideally for above are our mobile units and containers.

We ensure the uniqueness of each occasion.

historical building of
Giesel cement factory



Giesel Cement Factory was built in 1884 in Opole as a production facility. Built by the city councilor A. Giesel was next converted to Portland Cement-Fabrik vorm. A. Gisel. Extremely charming, built with red veneers objects stand in the fork tracks practically in the center of the city. Nowadays they fulfill storage functions for our furniture.

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